Pratt Chat: Military Times, CivilianJobs.com Honors Show Pratt & Whitney's Support for Veterans

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Pratt & Whitney was recently named to the Military Times "Best for Vets" and the CivilianJobs.com "Most Valuable Employers" lists. Mike Flatley, program manager, Israel, Military Engines, explains the importance of these awards in this episode of Pratt Chat.

Rob McGuinness: Hello, everyone, and welcome to another edition of Pratt Chat. I'm Rob McGuinness with Pratt & Whitney Communications. I'm on the phone today with Mike Flatley. He's the program manager for Israel over in Military Engines. Mike is a U.S. Navy veteran, and he is the man responsible for doing the legwork behind a couple of recent recognitions for Pratt & Whitney.

RM: The Military Times named the company to the Best for Vets list earlier this year, and we're also a finalist for the civilianjobs.com Most Valuable Employer list. So, Mike's with me today. Hi, Mike! How are you doing?

Mike Flatley: Doing well, Rob. Thank you so much for having me.

RM: Thanks for joining me. So, Mike. You did a lot of work to help Pratt & Whitney earn this recognition. Can you tell me a little bit about what goes in to the process, and what the awards or the designations mean for the company?

MF: Well, to be sure, it was definitely a team effort. But as far as what it means for the company, I think the most important thing is that it means better brand recognition. It both enables passively, through this information getting out there, veterans to find us, and it enables us to actively reference this information when we're pursuing particular veterans, and it gives us credibility that we are an organization and a company that does support veterans.

RM: We came in at No. 24 on the Military Times list, and we're in good company there. What did the Military Times look for from you and from us deciding to place us on the list. What's behind the process?

MF: They cover a range. It was about 90 questions on the survey and they look for everything from how many veterans are we actually hiring - that's probably one of the most important things - then, to what do we actually do to support the veterans once they're in the company. Do we mentor them? Do we provide resources, employee resource groups?

RM: And clearly, you must feel pretty strongly about the level of support that Pratt & Whitney provides.

MF: Absolutely. I have been the benefit - on two mobilizations - of the outstanding policies, and that's another area that Military Times looks for, is how does the company continue to support veterans who continue to serve in the National Guard or the Reserves. I'm a member of the Navy Reserve. I mobilized twice, for one year at a time. And for both during the pre-, the during and the post-mobilization process, I cannot say enough good about how well supported I felt by Pratt & Whitney and its policies, which go way above and beyond what the letter of the law requires.

RM: That's really great to hear. For the other award, Mike, civilianjobs.com, a similar criteria?

MF: Exactly. Many of the same, it's just a different organization, another resource, another chance for us to get our name out there in a positive light.

RM: Mike, I know you're part of the UTC-4-Vets resource group. Can you tell me a little bit about what that organization does?

MF: UTC-4-Vets was founded by Dan Ward. He's a Marine reservist. It's one of many employee resource groups at Pratt & Whitney. Overall, the employee resource groups look to celebrate diversity of all the different employees that we have in the organization and provide support networks for all the different employees that we have. So, in particular, UTC-4-Vets, what it looks to do is provide a means for veterans to connect, to learn about the company, to have shared experiences and to continue to serve each other through some of the different activities that we do each year.

RM: That's awesome, Mike. So, thank you for the good work that you've done in helping the company get recognized, and thank you for your service as well.

MF: I appreciate the time. Thank you so much.

RM: I think that just about wraps it up for another edition of Pratt Chat. For Pratt & Whitney Communications, I'm Rob McGuinness. Take care, everyone.