An EngineWise™ Experience in North Berwick

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Michael Dinardo, manufacturing engineer: I would say in all my years, this is probably the most excitement I’ve had in 30 years.

Cloyd Tavenner, general manager, North Berwick Aftermarket: We have four business units under one roof. We go from design of the component through the full life cycle of the part through Aftermarket here in this building.

Norman Laverriere, machinist: There have been major changes here. Major changes. I’ve never seen so much money going into a plant in years. It looks nice.

Shane Roberge, cell 2 operator, sheet metal mechanic: You can definitely see the upgrades, the new machines, the new cells that form. This area was all shipping and now it’s a whole sustaining cell.

Gerard Desjardins, repair development engineer: We’re ramping up, gearing up, to do repairs for the NGPF. That includes bringing in a lot of new machines. It is similar machines that they use on the OEM side and using them to perform repairs.

Daniela Posada-Carmona, repair development engineer: It really helps to have the OEM group here because you can go up to them any time and be like, have you seen something like this? What have you done to address it?

Jeremy Turcotte, cell leader, NBRO Aftermarket services: We’re using our expertise. We are using the OEM side, the OEM knowledge and we are overhauling parts that we make here in this facility brand new so it gives us an edge on the competition.

Cloyd Tavenner: We’re standing an entirely new MIC cell. The MIC cell actually stands for machine in case. This is actually non-standard work that we do. We basically take an HPC case and vane set for the neo MIC, we receive it as a set and we basically do a complete overhaul of the set, actually performing grinding in a fully assembled state.

Daniela Posada-Carmona: We’re bringing in all this new NGPF work.

Chris Watkins, production working leader: It’s a morale boost for everybody here, knowing we’re going to be here in the future, long into the future.

Melinda Leach, parts inspector: I love my job. I love that there are a lot of opportunities here.

Chris Ledoux, cell operator: We’re constantly busy. It’s not like we have a deadline at the end of the month, we have a deadline every day. We’ve come a long way in 30 years.