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Improve Durability and Performance

We continually monitor our fleet and identify cost saving technology improvements. Performance improvement kits are made of new parts that are engineered and manufactured to deliver value and performance needed to keep your fleet flying.

Product upgrade kits can extend time on wing, help engines be more fuel efficient, reduce emissions, reduce noise or meet new safety standards.

V2500® SelectOne™
Fuel savings and longer time on wing than standard V2500-A5

  • • Up to 1 percent reduction in fuel burn
  • • Up to 20 percent time on wing improvement
  • • Additional EGT margin
  • • Meets CAEP/6 emissions standards

V2500® SelectTwo™
Fuel burn reduction package for SelectOne engines

  • • Up to 0.6 percent fuel savings at 500NM
  • • 5 percent lower fuel flow in descent
  • • 9 percent lower fuel flow at ground idle
  • • Reduced brake wear with Reduced Ground Idle
  • • Applicable to SelectOne™ fleet

PW4000-100" Advantage70™ Technology Upgrade
Technology upgrade to enhance performance

  • • Increased thrust to 70,000 pounds
  • • 1 percent reduction in fuel consumption
  • • CO₂ emissions reduced by 650 tons per year
  • • 10-15 percent reduction in engine maintenance cost
  • • Longer time on-wing

PW4000-94" Advanced Product Upgrade
Service-proven technologies to improve durability and reliability, and reduce fuel consumption

  • • Improved Thermal Barrier Coating on high pressure turbine first and second stage blades
  • • Improved first stage high pressure turbine blade outer airseals
  • • Improved high pressure turbine second stage cooling
  • • 0.5 percent reduction in fuel consumption and improved performance retention
  • • Incorporated during shop visit
  • • Lower maintenance costs and longer time on wing

JT8D Low Pressure Turbine Containment Bolt Kit
The Low Pressure Turbine Containment Bolt Kit benefits include improved containment capability, increased durability and increased time on wing.

JT8D Constant Speed Drive Liner Kit
The Constant Speed Drive Liner Kit improves retention of the steel bushings in the gearbox rear housing assembly, reducing uncontained fractures of the accessory drive gear.

V2500® is a registered trademark of IAE International Aero Engines AG