Clean and Quiet Initiatives

Pratt & Whitney recognizes that reducing occupational chemical and noise exposures is critical in providing a safe & healthy work environment for our employees. We have achieved a great deal of success leveraging EH&S, engineering, maintenance and operations to implement innovative engineering controls to reduce process exposures to harmful chemicals and noise.

Clean Factory – by eliminating chemical usage or implementing enhanced engineering controls, we have reduced numerous chemical exposures to below the applicable exposure limit. The healthy benefits of these initiatives include significant reduction in mandatory respirator use.

Quiet Factory – through enhanced administrative and engineering controls we have reduced noise exposure to below the applicable exposure limit for many processes, resulting in the ability to remove nearly 2,000 employees from mandatory Hearing Conservation Programs.

Ergonomic Innovation Awards

The Pratt & Whitney Ergonomic Innovation awards is a contest that is open to all Pratt & Whitney sites worldwide and requires that participating sites submit presentations depicting ergonomic improvements that have been implemented at their site.  The intent of the awards program is to draw out and share multiple best practices for company-wide issues.  The contest, facilitated by Pratt & Whitney Global EH&S, has been running for 12 years and has resulted in significant ergonomic risk reductions.  The 763 ergonomic improvement projects that have been submitted and shared since the contest started in 2003 have made a significant contribution towards Pratt & Whitney's reduction in injury rates over the past decade.

Active Caring

The Four Themes of Active Caring:

  • • Safety is held as a value by all employees.
  • • Each individual feels responsible for the safety of their coworkers as well as themselves.
  • • Each individual is willing and able to "go beyond the call of duty" on behalf of the safety of others.
  • • Each individual routinely performs active caring and/or safe acts for the benefit of others.