ATEC: The Right Solutions for Army Black Hawk and Apache Helicopters

Driven by the need for increased lift capability, greater range and better fuel efficiency, and bolstered by recent experiences with high heat and altitude operations in Iraq and Afghanistan, the U.S. Army has called for the development of a new military engine for its workhorse Black Hawk and Apache helicopters. Worldwide operational requirements in the Pacific Rim, Asia and Middle East require operating in the high and hot conditions that limited Black Hawk and Apache performance in Iraq and Afghanistan. A new propulsion system for these military aircraft, and the next generation Future Vertical Lift is critical to future mission success in support of U.S. national security.

The ATEC T900 Is The Best Solution For The Army's Needs

ATEC's T900 helicopter engine will be a force multiplier that represents a major advance in military helicopter engine architecture, enabling U.S. Army Black Hawk and Apache helicopters to carry more troops, carry more equipment, and carry them further while doing so at a significant savings to the taxpayer. The ATEC helicopter engine will incorporate proven technology from today's most advanced military engines as well as innovations specifically developed for ITEP.

The ATEC T900 will not only meet current Army mission capability requirements, it will also have a power growth capability of 25%, which ensures it can grow to meet future Army needs for the next generation, Future Vertical Lift family of rotorcraft.

Competition Drives Performance For The Warfighter And Savings For Taxpayers

The Improved Turbine Engine Program (ITEP) is the Army's program to build a 50% more powerful and 25% more fuel-efficient military engine for the Army Black Hawk and Apache fleets as well as for the next generation Future Vertical Lift helicopter. ATEC supports the Army's acquisition strategy to take two competitors to flight demonstration to enable a full evaluation of both performance and cost.

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