enginewise™ maintenance

Solutions That Meet Your Goals

We recognize every customer has different priorities when it comes to engine overhaul services. We are committed to understanding your needs and collaborating with you in an effort to consistently deliver on expectations.

We provide maintenance services for the PW1000G, V2500®, GP7000, PW4000, PW2000, JT8D and JT9D engines as well as GE-90® and CFM56® engines. Our engine overhaul centers, located globally, are dedicated to providing world-class quality and customer service.


The highest level of coverage for engine maintenance and additional services tailored to your needs. For an agreed upon rate per flying hour, we provide maintenance and fleet management to reduce costs and maximize time-on-wing.


Select overhaul maintenance based on a module-level fixed price workscope for cost predictability and flexibility.


The highest level of flexibility for your specific maintenance needs, with set module workscope levels and material replacement.