line maintance services

Pratt & Whitney Line Maintenance Services cut your operating costs and keeps your fleet flying—ready at a moments notice.

Pratt & Whitney provides on site, long-term support to its customers with Field Service Representatives (FSR). An FSR possess extensive technical knowledge of Pratt & Whitney products, maintenance requirements and techniques, and provides the customer with an on-site resource for troubleshooting, training and interface with Pratt & Whitney. The FSR facilitates timely communication of important issues between the customer and Pratt & Whitney and is proactive in ensuring the customer remains current on all information and required actions associated with the Pratt & Whitney product they operate.

Pratt & Whitney borescope blending services can provide significant cost savings and reductions in engine downtime for customers by reducing unscheduled shop visits for foreign object damage (FOD) repair. Services for military customers are provided on an on-call basis with a guaranteed response time.

The technique blends foreign object damage from leading and trailing edges of compressor blades by inserting low speed motorized tools through borescope and other access ports. The resulting blade surfaces are equivalent to those attained by blending the blades on a bench in the shop, without the requirement of removing and disassembling the engine. Borescope blending services can also be provided for modules in intermediate shops, eliminating the need for complete disassembly.

EcoPower®, an environmentally friendly engine wash program cleans the engine gas path to reduce fuel burn and greenhouse gas emissions, improve EGT margin, extend on-wing intervals and reduce maintenance costs. Unwashed engines have reduced compressor efficiency, flow capacity, and EGT margin. Clean engines operate at peak efficiency and lower turbine operating temperatures.

EcoPower is a fully mobile solution available 24/7 featuring rapid setup, and real-time recycling and purification of wash water. Washes are done right on the flight-line in a minimum of time using only atomized water. No post wash engine run is required. Pratt & Whitney currently offers EcoPower in 16 locations world-wide.

We also work with customers to source-qualify their own facilities and train their mechanics on non-proprietary repairs in strict adherence with applicable federal regulations.